Why do we hold
On this feeble thread
Of togetherness

Why do we hope?
This goes on
Forever and ever

Why do we treat this?
Like it’s now or never

Why are we so fragile?
That a tiny poke
Seems like a shove

Why are we so attached?
That we forget
We can’t be together

We don’t know
Where this will
Take us

We can’t see
How it will
Shape us

And still we hope
For it to
Guide us

This will end
Is anybody’s guess
If we decide
We can end the stress

Know it’s tough
To forget
And to remember
Or to regret

Our hearts will throb
With new fervor
And renewed vigor

With newer bonds
That may last
Even longer

You begin a new life
And I will turn
A new leaf

You take a turn
And I will make
A new beginning

It won’t be long
When we will
Overcome the pain

Let’s try doing it
Let’s be strangers again…


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