As I walk the street
Shadows loom around me
Keeping me company
In my unending journey?My own shadow playing
Prancing, frolicking
Keeping close to them
Mingling, socializing?

What goes in her mind?
I try to fathom now
Should I leave him
And go with the others?

Is that what she’s thinking?
Or merely trying to see
What my reaction is
If she leaves me and departs?

She also needs her freedom
I understand fully well
And ignore her cavorting
Whenever she goes



3 thoughts on “Shadow

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for your kind comment. I came to look over at your blog and I think this poem is lovely!

    A gatorade bottle is a plastic drink bottle like this:
    The one I was writing about was empty, a piece of trash on the street.

    May I ask, what is your first language? (I’m assuming from your writing and question it isn’t English though you seem very fluent)

  2. Thanks for your appreciation and also for explaining to me about my querry. My first language is Marathi, a dialect which has its origins in Sanskrit, the second language to have come in to existence, after Latin. I don’t know if this comment will appear in your page, so I am pasting it there too!

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