The world has changed, or has it? Day after day we hear about women being tortured, ill-treated and beaten black and blue. And if you think this happens only in some part of the world, you are in for a surprise! Countries like USA, which boasts and brags about equality, womens liberation etc has a high rate of brutality with women. As for the Indian continent, more said the less! In India, foeticide is rampant, not only in villages but in cities as well. Originaly, the government allowed sonogrphy so parents can know if the baby is healthy and many responsible parents used this technique to ensure the wellness of the baby. But over the years sonography has come to be known as an equipment that is used(abused actually) to determine the sex of the child! The mentality of men and women alike is to abort the female child and keepthe child if it is a son…! Such a shame on them. Shouldn’t such killers be punished? I think yes, they should be severely punished for this dastardly offense. 


2 thoughts on “ATROCITIES ON WOMEN

  1. Hello friend,

    Discovered your blog thanks to your comments on my attempts at poetry, thank you very much !

    Hope to read more of your writings -Marathi, if possible- in coming days.

    Best regards,
    Satish Waghmare.

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