Once again

Why do we hold
On this feeble thread
Of togetherness

Why do we hope?
This goes on
Forever and ever

Why do we treat this?
Like it’s now or never

Why are we so fragile?
That a tiny poke
Seems like a shove

Why are we so attached?
That we forget
We can’t be together

We don’t know
Where this will
Take us

We can’t see
How it will
Shape us

And still we hope
For it to
Guide us

This will end
Is anybody’s guess
If we decide
We can end the stress

Know it’s tough
To forget
And to remember
Or to regret

Our hearts will throb
With new fervor
And renewed vigor

With newer bonds
That may last
Even longer

You begin a new life
And I will turn
A new leaf

You take a turn
And I will make
A new beginning

It won’t be long
When we will
Overcome the pain

Let’s try doing it
Let’s be strangers again…


What transpires between
The earth and the sky
No one knows
Why they never meet
But still remain close
No one knowsWhy day after night
Waves touch the shore
Kissing our toes
With embracing arms
Showering sprays of love
To soothe our woes?
And nurse the wounds?

Why wind takes turns
Swirling and twirling
Like a girl with new shoes
Tossing and twisting
Galloping like a horse
Waving all a goodbye
Blowing away our blues?
No one knows…

Why clouds gather
Only to disperse later
Exchanging views
Making the moves
Or just a useless banter
Planning to burst?
To quench our thirst?
No one knows…

That transpires between
The earth and the sky
Being together, still
Away from each other
Braving the pangs
Of separation and hurt
To give us our share
Of joy and pleasure
Now I know
Why they never meet



As I walk the street
Shadows loom around me
Keeping me company
In my unending journey?My own shadow playing
Prancing, frolicking
Keeping close to them
Mingling, socializing?

What goes in her mind?
I try to fathom now
Should I leave him
And go with the others?

Is that what she’s thinking?
Or merely trying to see
What my reaction is
If she leaves me and departs?

She also needs her freedom
I understand fully well
And ignore her cavorting
Whenever she goes



The world has changed, or has it? Day after day we hear about women being tortured, ill-treated and beaten black and blue. And if you think this happens only in some part of the world, you are in for a surprise! Countries like USA, which boasts and brags about equality, womens liberation etc has a high rate of brutality with women. As for the Indian continent, more said the less! In India, foeticide is rampant, not only in villages but in cities as well. Originaly, the government allowed sonogrphy so parents can know if the baby is healthy and many responsible parents used this technique to ensure the wellness of the baby. But over the years sonography has come to be known as an equipment that is used(abused actually) to determine the sex of the child! The mentality of men and women alike is to abort the female child and keepthe child if it is a son…! Such a shame on them. Shouldn’t such killers be punished? I think yes, they should be severely punished for this dastardly offense. 

Hello world!

We are in an era of “wish it, have it, enjoy or get rid of it”. With newer and better innovations making our lives easier, we can manage any task with ease and comfort. But I wonder if we are too dependent on technology. Now that we can type, we are not able to write much with a pen, have you noticed?